The “Eureka” photo series was created during a trip to the United States in late 2017 and is geographically located in California and Nevada. It is not some kind of travelogue of the region.  The purpose of the photography was to capture the daily life in the suburbs of Los Angeles & Las Vegas.  In the photo series, emphasis is placed on images of the urban and suburban landscapes with a focus on the intense lighting and the variety of messages found on every street and neighborhood.  Photographically, is a different version of colour street photography. Pictures with frontal frames, where all the necessary information can be “read” briefly, to depict and “interpret” the American West.
   The title, “Eureka” has been the official motto of the state of California since 1963. It emerged due to the many gold diggers who settled in the area after the second half of the 19th century. The phrase “Eureka”, comes from the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes who shouted “Eureka” when he discovered the “Principle of buoyant” in his attempt to find a method for determining the purity of gold.

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