Layover   (in progress)
   The photo project "Layover" introduces a series of photos taken in the airports I've been, while traveling for business. I have focused on airport areas designed  for this purpose, to capture on how a traveller spending time before and between the flights. From restaurants and coffee places, to resting areas and playrooms, the "Layover" shows the variety of areas people use during their waiting. 
​  Although the pictures feature airport areas, my focus is not on the place, but on the time of "Layover".  The human is absent. The people among the crowd, they don't affect on traveller's time. Despite they are there for the same reason, each one  behaves individually. The empty areas provide a sense of calm, emphasizing on transience of human activity there. Through my photos, I invite the audience to reflect their own experience of  "Layover".

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